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Change Can Happen Quickly!

As a Coach, I help my clients uncover the innate wisdom, resilience and strength that lies inside each and every one of us. I help my clients step off the merry-go-round to find clarity and direction.

Coaching is not the same as therapy. I work with strong, mentally healthy individuals who are feeling stuck or facing a life challenge. The coaching process does not involve delving into your past or diagnosing your psychological condition. The type of coaching I do, is focused on taking a deep look at who you are, and finding out what would make your life work better for you.

This is accomplished through conversations. Simple, honest discussions that will help you to navigate the sometimes rough waters of your life with more effectiveness and grace. The principles I share can be used in your personal life as well as your work life.

The beauty of coaching over therapy, is that change can happen very quickly.  Sometimes, after one session.  My goal is for you to move forward in your life as quickly as possible. 

My Fees

Individual Coaching Sessions are priced at $50/Session. We can meet by telephone, or video conferencing program. If you are in my geographic area, we can meet in person. (Due to COVID-19, I am only conducting coaching sessions remotely.)

I offer a no obligation, free 30 minute Strategic Coaching Call to anyone who has not used my service in the past. This gives us both an opportunity to discover if working together is something we want to pursue.

Special Offer: January 1 – January 31, 2021, I am offering a free 50 minute coaching telephone session to anyone who has not received coaching from me in the past.   Complete the sign-up form below to learn more or to schedule.  Or, you can send a private message to me or call the phone number listed below.

You will not be pressured to sign up for more sessions

If you decide to work with me beyond the free session, there is no contract to sign, no minimum number of sessions you must take, just a written agreement to pay for the sessions you take, commit to showing up on time for our sessions and a promise to respect our time together as important.

Phone or Text me for more information (678) 453-6480 Or send an email to