Byron Katie will show you how to get to the root cause of your suffering and enable you to see what is troubling you in a different light. Byron Katie’s simple system allows people to move from upset to peace in a very short time.

Never have enough time? In this revolutionary book, Steve Chandler shows us how to approach time like a warrior. A warrior uses his/her sword to circumstances that don’t allow him/her to fully focus efforts where they are most effective. Learn how to master time.

In The Inside Out Revolution, Michael Neill turns the traditional world of psychology upside down. Our feelings do not come from the people and situations around us. When you grasp this simple understanding, your experience of life can change very quickly.

In this book, you will learn several techniques that will help you break down the negative barriers to achieving your goals and dreams. Are you an Owner or a Victim? Find out and then make the changes that will make you feel better about who you are being.

Incredible stories about couples who improved their relationships and rekindled their love for each other. Learn about the insights that helped them to see that they created their own problems and also held the key to resolving those issues.

From the author of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, Richard Carlson, Ph.D. In this book, Dr. Carlson takes on the question “What about the big stuff?” Things like illness, divorce, aging, alcoholism and much more. An inspirational and helpful to those who are going through a difficult time.

Personal, habitual thinking is the only thing that ever holds you back from the peaceful experience of who you really are. Through a series of short but powerful essays and real-life client conversations, Being Human sets you up for your own personal insights and realizations about your true nature and how easy life can be. This is not a self-help book because you don’t need self-help. You are already well. The most you could ever “need” is to be reminded that you already have within you everything you’re looking for and to understand the principles that lead you to connect with it. Being Human is that reminder.