Relationships Can Be Difficult, But They Don’t Have To Be…

Do you have frequent arguments with your spouse/partner? Have you gone through a divorce, but still have to deal with your ex because you have children? Are you ready to get back in the dating world after divorce or being widowed? Are relationships with co-workers or customers strained? Are you feeling stuck in a job where you no longer feel inspired or valued?

I Guide My Clients

I can honestly say, that each one of the above scenarios has happened to me at some time in the past. I not only survived those situations, but I learned to thrive! I use my coach training and my life experience to guide my clients. I help them find ways to navigate the sometimes rough waters of relationships, careers, parenting and much more. I teach my clients how to stay calm even in the midst of challenging situations. It’s much easier to find creative solutions when we have clarity and peace of mind.

Stuff happens to all of us…  Someone does something or says something, or they don’t do or say something we wanted them to, and then we get upset.  It’s perfectly natural and I would never tell anyone that they should not feel whatever they are feeling.  Things happen and we feel whatever feeling comes up for us. 

However, we don’t want to stay stuck in feelings that don’t serve us. Those feelings are not the kind that lift our spirits and help us to feel good about ourselves. Instead, those feelings pull us further away from peace of mind and often cause us to act in ways we later regret. That’s Where I Come In

I help my clients to understand that when we do not let go of past hurts, it makes it impossible for us to have a happier today and a better tomorrow.  The person who hurt us is not impacted at all.  When we get hooked by other people’s comments and behaviors we are giving our power to the other person. 

I point my clients toward the peace of mind that comes with not taking other people’s behaviors personally.

Let’s Talk!

It is one of the phenomenons of the human race, that talking out loud to another person can bring about emotional healing. If you have a situation that you think might be helped by talking with someone, I would love to have a conversation with you.

To have a conversation with me, please fill out the form below or give me a call at 770.756.3095