Candidate for Coaching

The ideal candidate for coaching is someone who is intelligent, resilient and open-minded. She knows there is a disconnect between how she feels, the way she currently lives her life, and how she would rather be feeling and living. The ideal client, is ready to focus on getting to a better place, in her relationships, in her emotional, financial, physical and spiritual well being, or in her career. She is willing to put in the time and effort to bring about the changes she wants to see. She wants to live with more enthusiasm, greater creativity, be more successful, and have more love in her life.

These are some of the areas in which I helped my clients achieve their unique successful outcomes:

  • Workplace anxiety – rapid turnover and changes
  • Regaining confidence as a Sales Person in a downturned market
  • Support while working toward a higher position at work
  • Strategize a career change
  • High school senior feeling anxious about the social aspects of college
  • Moving forward after tragic loss of loved one
  • Caring for a disabled partner and not losing yourself in the process
  • Burnout from caring from children and/or parents
  • Overcome shame with regard to financial or personal mistakes
  • Forgiveness and self-care when a loved one is incarcerated
  • Contemplating divorce – exploration and preparation
  • Thriving post divorce – creating a new chapter in life
  • Dating after divorce or being widowed
  • Navigate the challenges of a blended family

I experienced many of these issues myself, I worked through them and I am now standing on the other side. When I was going through my challenges, the field of Coaching was just emerging. Traditional therapy helped, but I’ve come to believe that focusing on the past is not the fastest way to healing. Working with a Coach is far less painful and results can happen very quickly. It all depends on you and how open you are to living life differently.

Call to experience coaching:

Call me or fill out the form below and we will set up a time to talk. Being coached is something that is difficult to describe, but the benefits are very clear once you experience work with a good coach.

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