Coaching For Life

My goal as a Life Coach, is to help others have more of what they love in their lives and less of what they don’t love.  

For too many women, there is a gap between how they feel, how they live their lives and how they would rather feel and live.

One of the reasons I love coaching, is that change can happen quickly! Your life can be different, you can have more joy, creativity, abundance and love in your life in a relatively short amount of time!

Coaching is transformative!

If you are ready to have more happiness, success, creativity and love in your life, then we just might make a great team!  I would love to support you as you begin to live an authentic, enthusiastic and bolder life! 

Let’s talk!  

Everyone can benefit from coaching, but not many people understand what coaching is all about.  I would be happy and honored to have a conversation with you so you can find out if working with a me might be helpful for you.

Coaching won’t hurt and it might help

Coaching is not therapy, it is an honest and direct conversation with someone who wants to see you succeed and wants to support you on your path.  It is not my job to diagnose you or delve into your past.  My job is to help you to get calm, clear your mind, and get focused so you can overcome the challenges you are facing.  In my practice, I focus on today, because what you do today determines where you will be in 90 days, 1 year or 10 years from now. 

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Imagine a stick that got stuck in an eddy current along the bank of a river.  People are sometimes like that stick, they keep hanging on to the side of the river bank thinking that somehow they will come up with a solution if they just keep thinking about their problem.  They spin a problem around in their mind over and over again and can’t find the answer.  The truth is, we cannot move ahead if we keep clinging to our old thoughts and beliefs or if we keep ruminating on the problem.   All the stick (or person) needs is a little nudge to get unstuck.  That nudge happens in a conversation with someone who is not attached to the problem or the outcome.  Once nudged, the stick (or person who now sees a solution) moves back into the current of the river and is free.  That’s the type of coaching I do.  It is not a long-term commitment, just conversations that help my clients find clarity, inner strength and peace of mind. 

With Coaching, change can happen quickly.  You might think that one coaching session couldn’t possibly help.  Often times, it does take more than one session, but that is not the rule.  I have worked with more than a few clients who had one coaching session with me and were able to get back on track without any more sessions.  The number of coaching sessions is completely up to you.

If you are curious about working with me, click the grey button below to contact me.  I will be happy to answer all your questions. 

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