Executive Life Coach

Executives are very different today. Today's executive is just as likely to be found at the kitchen table with a laptop, cellphone in her hand and a toddler on her lap, as in a high-rise office building downtown.

In the role of coach, I am a trusted advisor who focuses on helping my client to uncover and move past the hidden beliefs and fears that stand in the way of their success.

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Executive Life Coaching

  • A Coach can help you achieve your goals more quickly, through action planning, skill development and honest feedback.

  • An effective coach-client partnership is based on open communication and built on trust and the exchange of ideas.

  • A few of the areas in which I am uniquely qualified to guide my clients to successful outcomes.

Remove Obstacles

As a Personal & Executive Life Coach, I assist my clients to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Do you want to get promoted? Increase Sales? Have better teamwork and communication within your organization? Have a better relationship with family and friends?

What would you like to accomplish in the next 3 to 6 months or 5 to 10 years?

• Improve Your Business

• Advance Your Career

• Meet Expectations at Work

• Improve Your Confidence

• Better Leadership Skills

• Set Goals

• Reinvent Yourself in Business/Life

• Be a Better Spouse or Parent

• Rediscover Your Talents and Who You Are

These are just a few of the areas that can be significantly improved when you work with me.

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What Is Coaching?

Client Remarks

  • Honestly, I’m surprised that it works! I always thought coaching would only be effective if labor intensive. Or, if not, that maybe it was all fluff and didn’t really work at all – just offering a momentary good feeling. I’m surprised that my brain responds to the rationale of just talking it out. … I am glad that I have gotten the to share problems in my life in a warm and trusted situation. I have friends and family that I could never tell these things to. [When I first started the process], I felt stuck. I was not unsure about what I wanted in my life at all, but just felt that I was being encumbered with circumstances that were hindering me from getting there. With wise listening and gentle steering, Linda can help you to see past the roadblocks in your journey. She doesn’t tell you what to do or think, but she helps you clarify your own vision. Afterwards, you realize that she was giving you the keys to unlock the doors and move forward. She comes across as a trusted friend who understands and cares. That makes all the difference, because it helps you become more vulnerable so you can be honest with yourself. … I’ve been on a journey of realizing I’m stronger than I thought I was.

    J. ~ Arizona

Changing the Lens of Leaders

A leader who is not living up to his or her potential or a team that is not working well together may only need to change the lens through which they view themselves and/or the company. When dealing with challenges, leaders and teams often benefit by viewing the problem through a different lens. The slightest shift in perspective can bring about big results. I enjoy helping my clients make that shift.

As an Executive Life Coach, I develop trusting relationships with my clients and go the extra mile to help them achieve their objectives in the shortest time possible. I don’t think like everyone else and I love to solve complex and challenging problems to help my clients achieve their goals.

Coaching can also work very well if you have an executive or team member who is skilled at their job, but challenged when it comes to working well with the team or meeting expectations.

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