Divorce 101

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Because You Don’t Know 

What You Don’t Know About Divorce

 That is why I wrote Divorce 101


Are you thinking about getting a divorce?    Ready to take the first steps toward divorce?  
Or has your spouse advised you that he or she wants a divorce?
You might think the only thing you need to do, is hire an attorney… 
but there is so much more you may need to consider or do.

When I am asked what is the most important advice I give to those contemplating divorce,                    this is my answer…

Don’t rush into anything and don’t try to do divorce alone! 

Assemble a team of Divorce Super Heroes!

Unless you and/or your children are being abused, stay where you are, take your time, and put together an exit strategy.  Divorce is a major life changing event with lots of pitfalls and decision making that could impact your life for years to come. Luckily, there are divorce experts you can go to, who will help you avoid making decisions you will later regret.  If you wait too long to ask for help, it may be too late for even a divorce expert to undo the damage.

If your spouse has announced he wants a divorce, you will need to act more quickly, but don’t let him rush you into signing agreements you will later regret.  Your divorce team (lawyer, coach, financial advisor and trusted friends) can help you find ways to slow the process down long enough to give yourself some space and a little time to research your options.  You will feel less victimized if you take an active role in the divorce process.

My Ebook:  Divorce 101 was written to help those who are just entering the divorce arena.

The book includes some basic ideas and options that you may not have thought about.  From my own personal experience with divorce and the experiences of friends and clients, I know how challenging it can be to think clearly when we are in the midst of emotional upheaval.  Just when you need to be at your calm and focused best, your emotions are raw and unpredictable and your ability to think clearly is on the fritz.  The ideas in this book won’t apply to every situation, but hopefully, you’ll find something in here that will save you time, money and heartache going into and after the divorce process.

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