Divorce is NOT the End of Your Story

Divorce is one of the most painful life events that a person can experience.  It is as if a rug was pulled out from under you and your world is turned upside down.  To say it is a life-changing event, is an understatement. 

At least that was my experience.  Even though I initiated the divorce from my children’s dad, it did not lessen the shock of what life would be like as a divorced, single parent.  My dreams of a happily-ever-after life with my husband were shattered and there was no going back. 

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

I wasted a lot of time and energy, worrying about the threats made by my soon-to-be-ex.  He told me that someday, he was going to pick up the kids from daycare and take them away so that I would never see them again. It was a nerve-racking time in my life, and I was overwhelmed and confused.  I found it difficult to concentrate at work or even relax at home.  By the way, he never did any of the things he threatened to do.


Financially, I was struggling.  My husband and I had filed for a reorganization of our debts. My wages at work were being garnished to pay back our creditors.  When we split up, he refused to help me pay the monthly garnishment.  Since he was not regularly paying child support, I needed all the money in my paycheck to take care of our children.  I decided to file for full bankruptcy.  Talk about feeling ashamed! 

Drama Eventually Ends

After the divorce was final, the drama continued for a few years.  My ex had a problem with me dating.  When I got remarried, he had a problem with my new husband. My ex did everything he could to make me look bad in the eyes of our children.  It was horrible, but I did not let it destroy me and it was definitely not the end of my story.  I am here to tell you that divorce is not the end of your story either.

In this short article, it’s impossible to share all the details of that time in my life and all the relationship mistakes I made after that divorce.   My intention is to share enough so that you know that I have been where you are, and I understand what it is like. I want you to know that no matter how stressed and overwhelmed you are feeling right now, it will not be that way forever.  Things will get better.

You Need Support

When I went through the divorce to my children’s dad, I had an attorney to help me through the legal aspects of the divorce. My attorney’s role was not to guide me through the emotional or future financial aspects or to support me as I recreated my life.  

Through reading books and later receiving psychotherapy, I learned how to stop feeling shame, regret, and resentment.  It took a very long time because that is how psychotherapy works.  I wish I had known about Life Coaching back then because Life Coaching cuts right to the core and shortens the learning curve to a happy and fulfilling life after divorce.

You Can Live Happily Even After Divorce

Fast forward to today and I am financially stable and have been happily married to a wonderful man for over 26 years.  My path to this place in my life, was not easy and I made lots of mistakes along the way.  However, I am living proof, that after divorce, you can create a great life for yourself. 

I would love to support you as you create the kind of life you want to be living.  I would love to support you as you navigate this time in your life.

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