Divorce and life-after-divorce can be challenging. Ending a long-term relationship, married or not, is rarely easy. 

After the dust settles, you are left with a blank canvas.  A canvas that gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself and design a life that you will love!

Reinvent yourself after divorce

The future is yours to create!

In the midst of the turmoil of divorce or separation, we can lose sight of our strength and wisdom and fail to see the possibilities that are all around us.

Linda provides support through coaching that shines a light on what is possible for you before, during and after divorce.

Do you need to re-enter the job market?  Or learn how to parent as a single mom?  Co-parenting with your ex is something Linda can support you in as well. 

Linda has a gift for listening for what is underneath her client’s words to help the client to move forward and create her best possible life.  The possibilities are endless.

Life After DivorceYou can have an extraordinary life post-divorce!


Linda created the workbook Live Happily Even After

To help you reinvent yourself and reimagine your life after divorce.


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How can working with Linda benefit you?

    • Identify and clear areas where you might be sabotaging yourself

    • Regain your peace of mind and clarity

    • Design the next phase of your life and thrive

    • Communicate more effectively with your ex or soon to be ex

    • Become financially more stable by facing reality and making informed decisions

    • Guard your children from witnessing any drama between you and your ex

    • Learn to let go of any jealousy or hurt feelings that lead you to behave in unproductive ways

    • Rediscover the activities that brought you joy before you got married

    • Take good care of yourself without feeling guilty.

A One Month Coaching Package Includes:

    • Three coaching calls. 

    • Virtually unlimited Email for short questions between sessions

    • One  10 minute spot coaching session as needed

    • A free copy of the workbook Live Happily Even After

    • BONUS – one 30 minute follow up coaching call two weeks after completion of the program

What is required of you during Coaching:

    • Come to all calls on time

    • Be fully present – No multi-tasking during the calls.

    • Committed to do homework such as reading, listening to audio or podcast, or watching videos between calls

    • Open minded and open hearted attitude

    • Coaching Sessions must be held over three consecutive weeks.

    • If you miss a call and do not give advance notice, you forfeit the call. 

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