How can coaching help me?

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

But, this is what many of us do. We keep turning a problem over and over in our head using exactly the same thinking we used to create the problem. It’s insanity! But that’s what we do. As a Coach, I help my clients to get off the Tilt-A-Whirl carnival ride in their heads, so they can see their other options. I do this by listening to what my clients say about their current situation and what they would rather have in their lives. I help my clients to wake up to the idea that they do have choices. They do have the ability to solve their problems, and create the life they really want to live. I help them to tap into and use their innate intelligence rather than relying on their knowledge.

Intelligence vs Knowledge

Each one of us has direct access to an intelligence greater than us. When we tap into that source, it is like having a PC that is connected to the Internet versus one that only has a hard-drive. Have you ever experienced an “out of the blue” moment? You know, the ones where a brilliant answer came to you, seemingly out of nowhere? That was you tapping into the infinite intelligence that is available to each and every one of us.

Is Coaching the Same as Therapy?

You might wonder if coaching is like therapy.  Well it is similar, since it involves conversation and trust.  The difference is that the coaching process does not involve delving into your past or diagnosing your psychological condition. Coaching, is focused on finding out who you are and tapping into your hidden potential. From there, we can determine what would make your life work better for you. Coaching focuses on moving you forward.

The past belongs in the past. It is helpful in therapy, but not in the coaching relationship. The value of the past lies in the lessons we learned, not in the circumstances where we learned them. In fact, replaying painful memories over and over in our minds, keeps us stuck in those disturbing feelings and makes it very difficult to move on.

Similar to what a therapist does, in each coaching session, I endeavor to listen for what is beneath my client’s words. This is so I can point her toward her own wisdom and enable her to find her own answers. Unlike a therapist, I rarely give my client advice, because it would not be nearly as effective or useful as the answers my client will come up with herself when her mind is clear and focused.

As a Coach, I truly care about my clients and want to help them to lead happier more fulfilling lives at work and at home.  This is accomplished through honest conversations. Simple, relaxed discussions that will help my clients to create the lives they want to live.

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