Toddlers Texting

“Don’t believe everything you think.”  I don’t know where this quote originated because it is attributed to several different writers and speakers.   I DO know that it helps bring me back from the edge, when “crazy making” thoughts come into my head.  

The thoughts that float to the top of our mind at any given moment are not usually wisdom from the Universe or messages from God.  For the most part they are completely random and often don’t make any sense at all.  I compare it to receiving text messages from a toddler with a smart phone.  What you get is gibberish on the screen and a sticky phone.  

Studies show that only four percent of our worries become a reality.  Beats me as to how that research was conducted or proven.  However, from my own experience of worry, I know that very few of the things I have worried about have actually come to pass.  

So how do we get control over the random thoughts that pop in our head?  The truth is, we can’t control the 60,000 thoughts that pass through our mind each day.  Trying to control them would be a full time job.  

The answer is not to try to control the thoughts, the answer is to resist the idea that because I thought it, it must be important and it must be true.  

The truth about thoughts is there is an unending supply of them and they are always flowing.  This is wonderful news because it tells us that just because a thought comes into our awareness, we do not have to follow it down a dark and winding rabbit hole.  

If we don’t like the thought we are having, we can choose to let it go.  If we wait a moment, another thought will come in right behind it.  We get to decide which thoughts we give importance to and spend time with and which ones we dismiss.    

Today, if you get a message that “green crayons are plotting to take over the earth” or “macaroni and cheese is a super-food”, relax, it’s only your inner toddler texting you again.


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