Overcome Anxiety With Resilience

When we are focused on an issue and we are in a state of anxiety and worry, it is difficult if not impossible to come up with good solutions. Have you ever considered that most, if not all, of the solutions to your problems came about when you were in a calm and peaceful state of mind?

Have you ever experienced a problem in your life and the harder you tried to come up with a solution, the more elusive the solution became?

Stress, anxiety and worried thinking are like holding a beach ball underwater. When we are in an anxious state of mind, we are pushing our resilience down and snuffing out the light inside. What happens when we let go of the beach ball? It rises to the surface all by itself. This is the same thing that happens when we let go of anxious thoughts. When we stop entertaining scary thoughts, our system resets to its natural state of being which is one of peacefulness and contentment.

You are resilient.  You were born resilient.  All our lives we are taught to push through hardships and to effort our way through challenges. That is way too much work! It may sound strange to you, but you will accomplish more and feel better faster when you relax and let your resilience rise to the surface.

Don’t believe me? Test it for yourself! Take any issue you are facing today and don’t try to solve it. Go for a hike, do some gardening, painting, or anything that you enjoy doing. If the problem tries to creep in to your thoughts, pull your focus back to the activity at hand. It may not happen on the first try, but if you will allow your troublesome thoughts to pass by, your inner wisdom will present a solution to you seemingly from “out of the blue”. 

Our thinking creates our experience of the world around us. We know this because not everyone has the same reaction to every situation. 

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