Attract Abundance

Do your thoughts bring abundance or scarcity to your life?  If you’re like most of us, given a choice, you would choose abundance.  Yet many of us spend a majority of our time thinking  and talking about lack and limitations. 

Henry Ford has been quoted as saying; “Whether you think that you can or that you can’t, you’re usually right”.  Or my Dad’s favorite colloquialism  (whenever I said I couldn’t do something)…”Can’t never could do anything”.   It’s likely that you have heard lots of similar comments from parents, grandparents, teachers or employers.  Guess what?  Those people in our lives who tried to tell us to believe in ourselves were right!  Today, scientists are more certain than ever that our thoughts play a key role in creating the circumstances in which we live.

It’s not a magic formula.  You’re not always going to get exactly what you want, just by thinking about it.  However, if you want more positive things (abundance) and less negative things (scarcity) in your life, this is one way to hedge your bet.  The first step is to become conscious of your thoughts, words and actions so you can eliminate negative self-talk.   The next step is to turn your negative thoughts into a more positive statement.  For example,  “I can’t afford ________________” could become “I find creative ways to provide for all my wants and needs”.  Or “I’ll never find a job” could become “Every resume I send out brings me one step closer to becoming employed”.  

Think Abundance!

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