Look for the good

Most of us are adept at pointing out the flaws in something whether those flaws are in ourselves, in our surroundings or in a particular situation. 

Today, when you catch yourself saying something like… “Wow the table settings in this restaurant are gorgeous, but why did they use pink flowers in the vases?  Yellow would have been much nicer.”  Stop yourself after saying “Wow the table settings in this restaurant are gorgeous!”   Or when you receive a compliment on your appearance, just say “Thank you!” with a huge smile on your face, don’t add anything to it.  Bask in the warmth of the compliment and enjoy every second!

When we stop looking for what’s wrong with someone or something and appreciate what is right, our lives become more joyful.  Joy is contagious.  Spread it around!

Today, empower yourself and empower others!

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