Finding Rainbows

I would like to share a poem by Collin McCarty.



If We Don’t Take Chances, then We’ll Never Find the Rainbows

If we don’t ever take chances,
we won’t reach the rainbows.
If we don’t ever search,
we’ll never be able to find.
If we don’t attempt to get over
our doubts and fears,
we’ll never discover how wonderful
it is to live without them.
If we don’t go beyond difficulty,
we won’t grow any stronger.
If we don’t keep our dreams alive,
we won’t have our dreams any longer.

if we can take a chance now and then,
seek and search, discover and dream,
grow and go through each day
with the knowledge that
we can only take as much as we can give,
and we can only get as much out of life
as we allow ourselves to live….

we can be truly happy.
We can realize a dream or two along the way,
and we can make a habit of
reaching out for rainbows
and coloring our lives
with wonderful days.

By Collin McCarty.

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