Blessings in the Blunders

It seems to me, that many of us go through our lives afraid of making a mistake.  From my experience, my wisdom and strength have grown out of  my errors.  When I do something well, I feel good about myself, but the real life-changing shifts have come from the painful mistakes.  I don’t think everyone has to make mistakes, to grow, but I do think that when an individual is afraid to put himself or herself on the “front line” of life, that person is turning their back on an opportunity to become a wiser, more self-confident person.  

Most people would agree with me that we are each unique individuals.  Still, many of us are afraid to speak up and be heard for fear that someone will laugh at us, correct us or put us down in some way.  Unfortunately, there are people who have yet to learn to have compassion and love for others.   Those people can and sometimes do say hurtful things.  The truth is that when a person  ridicules another, it doesn’t say anything about the person who is being “put down”, it simply reveals the ridiculing person’s need to judge others.   

There is great courage and wisdom within you.  Trust yourself.   Speak up and be heard.  Ask questions or share your wisdom with the rest of the world.  What you have to say may be just what someone else desperately needs to hear.   The more you gently and lovingly push yourself forward, the easier it becomes to participate more fully in your life.  Take one small step at a time, be patient with yourself.  Before long you’ll feel comfortable speaking up and you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Recommended Reading:  Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway  by Susan Jeffers, PhD

Linda Thurwanger – Life Coach

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