Are You Settling for Crumbs in Your Relationships?

Are you in a relationship that leaves you hungry for affection, attention, genuine appreciation, emotional support, companionship or love?

If you are settling for crumbs in your relationship, it is probably not the first relationship you have experienced of this kind.  Often we repeat the same behavior that creates the same types of relationships.  Then, we wonder why we always find ourselves feeling the same way with the next person we get involved with.  The names change and the details change, but underneath, they are all the same type of relationships. 

What I am talking about are the relationships where we find ourselves putting forth most of the total effort, making most of the sacrifices and suffering silently for the sake of holding everything together and keeping things calm on the surface. 

I am not going to attempt to explain why this happens to some of us.  The causes generally come from deep-seated beliefs that are rooted in our childhood experiences.  For example;  how we interacted with our parents, siblings, etc…   As a Life Coach, how people get to where they are, is less important to me than recognizing what they  are thinking and doing that leads them to experience life the way they do now and how I can help them get on a different path that is condusive to creating more satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

When we settle for crumbs in any area of our lives, we do so because we have limiting beliefs about what we can have in life.  Whenever I hear someone say that their relationship isn’t perfect, but no one else’s relationship is perfect either; I wonder just how “not perfect” is it?  While it is true that no relationship is perfect, if there is excessive use of alcohol, drugs, pornography or gambling or if one person in the relationship is physically or verbally abusive, closed off or depressed, these behaviors go far beyond “not perfect”.  These are warning flares that are screaming for your attention.

It’s time to ask for and expect nothing less than a satisfying full-course meal!

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