Is Your Goal Too Scary? Break It Down!

Imagine your GOAL as the peak of a very tall, very steep mountain.  You are standing at the bottom, looking up.

Wow!  The top of that mountain is WAY up there!  You’re looking at it and getting more and more agitated, your heart is pounding and you can feel the blood racing through your veins.

The voice in your head is telling you to “Turn back now!”  This is too much for you to take on!”  “You’re never going to make it to the top, save yourself the embarrassment and just quit now.”   Sound familiar?




How many times have you done that?  I’ll count myself in the ranks of those who have tried to go from A to Z by skipping all the letters in between.  It’s a sure way to become immobilized and defeated before you even get started.

Instead, try taking that big GOAL and breaking it down into four or five mini-goals.  Now, label each mini-goal and list 2 – 3 things you could do that would help you complete each one.

Rather than frightening yourself with the entire mountain and bringing on a panic attack, you see only the first stage which consists of a fairly even path in front of you.  Piece of cake!  You can handle that with ease!  All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other.  You can stop and rest whenever you need to and before you know it, you’ve passed that segment and you’re now ready to move on to the next mini-goal.

See you at the TOP!

Happy Climbing!

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