Support Is A Key To Successful Change

Think back 3 – 6 months ago.  What changes did you promise yourself you would make in your business, relationships, health, finances or spiritual life?  How far have you progressed?

We know what we want to accomplish.  We know what to do to get there.  We have a plan and we plan to work it.  We start out with lots of zest, zing and zip, but end up flat, fizzled out and fried.

Like the houseplant in this photo, our visions and goals need energy and attention to flourish and thrive.  I neglected this poor plant for too long.  It used to be full, beautiful, lush and green.  With some intensive care, it will become healthy again… I hope.

However, it occurs to me that the effort it is going to take me to revive the plant is going to be far more time consuming and inconvenient than the few minutes it would have taken me each week to water, feed and trim it.  To get it back to it’s former condition is going to be a slow, labor intensive process.

Isn’t that what happens to us when we begin to make changes in our lives or work toward a goal?  We start down a path to make a change in some area of our lives, but we find ourselves slipping back into the old way of being in that situation because the effort to make the change seems to be too time consuming or inconvenient.

We lose our motivation and tell ourselves we don’t have the time, the energy, the patience or whatever.  We tell ourselves that “life happens” and we give our attention instead to the car that needs to be repaired, transporting the kids here and there, cleaning the house or anything other than the goal we set for ourselves.

Before long, we realize that we are right back where we started from and we begin the process of kicking ourselves for dropping the ball and having to start over.

So how do we keep from losing our energy, motivation and commitment?

One huge reason why people lose their momentum and focus and then fail to achieve their goals is because they attempt to make significant life changes on their own without any support.

When you consider that our personal energy tends to ebb and flow like a river and it’s rarely constant and steady doesn’t it make sense that we will need to tap into some energy from somewhere outside of ourselves to stay on our course?

Everyone needs support and encouragement.  We all need people in our lives that inspire and uplift us.

Think of all the “energy” drinks and supplements on the market.  Who is your “energy drink”?  Who can you call for  a confidence and energy transfusion when your internal critic is telling you that you’re not good enough that you’ll never have a happy marriage, that you’re never going to lose weight or have a thriving business?

It doesn’t matter how “successful” someone might appear to be on the outside, I assure you they have their “dark days of the soul” too.  Sometimes all it takes is an encouraging conversation with someone who has “your back” to get your motor revved up and zinging along the highway to success.

My pitiful little houseplant has suffered from being neglected.  It didn’t get the infusion of energy it needed to thrive and grow.  Don’t let this happen to your goals and visions.

If you are serious about making some real change in some area of your life and you want to make that change as quickly and effectively as possible, surround yourself with a support team and give yourself the best possible opportunity to succeed.

Onward and upward!

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