Counterfeit Work-Life Balance


I just read an article on LinkedIn  about using tech tools to achieve work-life balance.  The author of the article gave an example.  He said one of the ways a parent could achieve work-life balance would be to attend their child’s little league game and use technology to conduct business at the same time.  They could make and receive calls, check email, use the internet, access documents and files, manage customer databases, etc…

Don’t be fooled by work-life balance imposters.

Now, while I agree that technology does have its’ advantages, being “plugged in” all the time via technology is definitely NOT the way to successfully integrate your work and personal life.

If you are at your child’s little league game and you are distracted by emails and phone calls from your employees or clients, you cannot be fully present for your child.  While it may appear on the outside as if you have achieved work-life balance, all you have really done is moved your office to the bleachers.   If your child glances over at the stands and more often than not, your head is bent over your smart phone, belive me he/she will take note.  The way it will make your child feel… well, lets just say it is more likely something you will regret later on than something you will be proud of.

Remember, close bonds with our children are formed during the moments we turn our undivided attention on them.

If your employees can’t handle the workload without your help, you might need to rethink your hiring choices.  If you don’t have anyone to help you, now is the time to start building your team.   If you have a client or boss who does not respect your personal time, then that may be a situation you need to rethink as well.

So turn off your cellphone, put away your tablet, have some popcorn or a hot dog and enjoy your child’s ball game.

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