Loneliness and Work-Life Balance

I am always on the lookout for articles on work-life balance, so when I saw the title of this article, I decided to check it out.

“Love/Hate: Star Robert Sheehan on his struggles with his work/life balance”

However, when I read the article, written from an interview with Sheehan, it was less about work-life balance and more about how difficult and painful it was for him to be away from his girlfriend for long periods of time.  So painful in fact, that he has decided to ban himself from getting into another relationship… at least for now.

We all experience bouts of loneliness when we are away from our loved ones, but Sheehan describes the separation from his girlfriend as “crippling”.   Maybe banning himself from serious relationships will help him overcome the feelings of insecurity and neediness.  However, my guess is that when he gets back into a serious relationship, those “reptiles” will once again rear their ugly heads.

A more effective approach might be for Sheehan to be honest with himself about his own feelings of self-worth and ability to love and support himself.  People who are very needy and cannot function without a significant other by their side typically have very low self-esteem.  This is fertile ground for fearful and anxious ideas.  When we develop feelings of confidence in our own abilities and cultivate a belief that we can take care of ourselves, we are not likely to feel needy or anxious when separated from someone we love.

You can read the article/interview here:  http://www.irishmirror.ie/whats-on/film-and-tv/lovehate-star-robert-sheehan-struggles-2855360

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