Be Willing to Forgive

Forgiveness begins when we are willing to forgive.  We must want to forgive the person who harmed us. The desire to forgive creates a space where forgiveness is possible. 

God exists within each of us. That is clearly evident in some people and not so evident in others.  Sometimes, the aspect of God within a person is so covered up with that person’s ego, it is difficult to see.  To see the Divine in another person, we have to view them through the eyes of Love.

From time to time, we all say and do things that are not in alignment with the highest part of us.  We say something to someone that is intended to ease our own guilt or shame and never stop to think about how our words might impact that person.  If we are the person hurt by another’s words or actions, we react instinctively with anger or tears. We may hold ourselves back and not express our anger or sadness at that moment.  Instead, we carry it around with us and relive it in our minds for days, weeks, months or years.  Justifying and gathering evidence to support our right to be angry, sad or resentful.

If you find it difficult to forgive someone, it might help to remind yourself that you are not perfect.  You have made or will make mistakes.  How do you want others to treat you?

The only way to relieve our pain and suffering is to forgive the person who hurt us.  Even if you are not yet able to forgive, be willing to look for God or the innocence in the other person.  Apply Love to the situation and set yourself free.

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