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Hostile, Critical People, Oh My!

Maybe I am wrong, but it seems that the Coronavirus Pandemic has brought out the worst in some people.  Tolerance appears to be at an all-time low. If you post a funny meme on social media, about the pandemic, you risk being publicly blasted in writing, by someone who takes it seriously and finds it offensive.  

I feel sorry for those people who are compelled to criticize others. They are alienating the people they criticize and possibly those who read their comments.  If there was a friendship or family tie, the insensitive comment has likely damaged it.  If the relationship was only an acquaintance to begin with, then the chance of it developing into a deeper relationship is probably lost.  I fail to see where anyone benefits either way.

In recent weeks, I have been shocked by some of the shaming and disrespectful comments I have read on social media, that were posted by people who I previously respected.  Needless to say, those people no longer have my respect.

Just because it’s a social media post and you are not face to face with someone, does not make it okay to toss common courtesy and kindness aside, in order to brutally criticize another human being.  Judgmental comments are just as hurtful in writing, as when said in person.  

If your opinion is different from someone else’s, there are ways to express it that don’t demean and shame the other person.  If you don’t know how to do that, then keep your comments to yourself, until you know how to phrase it without attacking others.

Eventually, the COVID-19 Pandemic will be behind us. Meanwhile, please think before you post. 

Said no one, ever: “Thank you for criticizing me on social media, in front of my family, friends and coworkers.” 

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