Transformation does not have to take a long time.  Change can actually happen very quickly.  Often, it is simply a matter of changing our perspective. 

Consider how decorative blown glass is created.  Glass starts out as sand that is melted at extremely high temperatures, gathered on the end of a blow tube, rolled on a flat surface to smooth it, rolled in pieces of colored glass.  Then,  more intense heat is applied, the artist gently blows air through the tube, inflating the glass, perhaps spinning it or shaping it using various tools.  Eventually the result is a very unique, colorful, light reflecting piece of art.  

If you would like to see a brief  demonstration on how blown glass is created, check out this short video on how glass art is created:

As humans, we are a lot like the sand that becomes a gorgeous work of art.  It may feel like intense “heat” is being applied to us when  life is not going exactly the way we would like for it to go.  You know, those times when our co-workers, boss,  family and friends don’t behave the way we think they should.  We tend to grumble and complain about every inconvenience no matter how small.  We waste our precious energy and time by focusing our thoughts on what is lacking in our lives and we miss the parts of our lives that are great.  

If you were to choose how you wanted to feel at any given moment, would you choose to feel stressed out and frustrated or happy and hopeful?  Are you willing to make a change in your way of thinking if making that change would bring more peacefulness to your day? 

Here is the challenge:  The next time your thoughts turn to what is wrong in your life, visualize yourself as the sand before it becomes glass.   Imagine the stressful situation you are facing today is the fire that will transform you from a few grains of sand into a puddle of melted glass and then into a spectacular work of art.  Consider how much light, beauty and joy you will feel inside when you are completed.  

This is not about pretending nothing is wrong, but it is about putting our thoughts about situations  into perspective.  Thoughts are just thoughts, just because they come into our heads, does not mean we have to allow them to take up residence and paralyze us with fear.   

How can we gain more control over our thoughts?  Prayer, meditation and journaling are all very powerful ways to gain peacefulness and clarity.  Another practice that is extremely effective in gaining more balance , whether one follows a religious doctrine or not, is to simply become more aware of our thoughts and to live consciously in each moment.

If you think back over your life, my guess is there will be more than one time in your past when going through a difficult situation made you a better person. 

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