What kind of coffee are you?

What Kind of Coffee Are You?

Have you heard the story about the egg, a carrot and coffee beans? Basically, the story points out that when immersed in boiling water, an egg becomes hardened on the inside, a carrot becomes soft and mushy, but coffee actually changes the boiling water into something delicious.

The story is designed to make us think about how we react when we find ourselves in difficult situations.

Although it is an interesting analogy,  I believe that we are ALL like coffee.  Just like coffee beans added to hot water, we can change the water.

When faced with a challenging circumstance (boiling water), we can create an atmosphere of anxiety and bitterness or one that is smooth and charged with energy that inspires others to action.

When everyone else around you is overreacting and buying into drama, you have a choice.  You can stir in your own anxiety and exacerbate the situation.  Or, you can be the person who chooses to believe a solution is possible, and then takes a calm, less reactive approach.

On second thought, why stop at a plain cup of coffee?  Maybe you could be the one who turns a difficult situation into a tasty cup of café latte?

Don’t think it’s possible?  History has proven over and over again, that one person can cause extraordinary things to happen.  Think of people like Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr, Susan B. Anthony and many others.   These individuals impacted hundreds of thousands of people.

You can too.  Simply start with the people who are around you every day.

What kind of coffee will you be today?

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